Logistics Strategy

In the past, a logistics strategy for most companies only focused on the selection of transport or 3PL service providers, how to get the best rate and whether there was enough capacity to meet demand. Today, companies are becoming increasingly more sophisticated about how they develop a logistics strategy that it is aligned to the overall business strategy and goals. Top level executives are realising that major bottom line savings are attainable with the correct logistics strategy in place and the appropriate focus on improving logistics processes within the organisation.

There is a big focus on supply chain innovation these days, but in order to succeed at innovation, you first need a solid foundation – that is, you need the right people, processes, and technology in place to get the fundamentals right.

Transnova has a team of seasoned supply chain professionals who understand the drivers that contribute to increased logistics and transportation costs. It has been our experience that many clients significantly underestimate the cost of transportation in their business and are not focused on optimising this due to a weak or inadequate logistics strategy.

We help clients develop a logistics strategy that is aligned to the goals and objectives of the company’s overall business strategy. We can assist you to identify immediate areas for improvement and cost savings plus determine what your logistics performance should be and how to measure this on an ongoing basis against both historical performance and industry benchmarks. It is vital to look outside the four walls of your organisation and use mechanisms to benchmark the logistics performance of other organisations that are similar to yours as well as leading companies from other industry sectors.

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