Logistics Health Check

Logistics, and transport in particular, are one of the biggest cost items on a company’s income statement. But how often do you really take the time to analyse what makes up this cost and whether you are paying too much? With major bottom line savings attainable, this is not just a concern for Logistics or Supply Chain Directors but also for the CFO and CEO.

Transnova offers clients a Logistics Health Check to perform a current state analysis of your supply chain and identify opportunities for savings and performance improvement. Our team of senior-level supply chain professionals understand the drivers that contribute to increased logistics and transportation costs. We regularly advise some of South Africa’s leading companies on their logistics improvement journey often uncovering hidden inefficiencies that can lead to immediate cost savings.

It is our intention to deliver real value through our time with your business. So, those businesses who contact us will receive valuable advice and a steer in strategy for their transport improvement plans. Please note that all transport health checks are carried out with complete confidentiality and there is no commitment to proceed further.

The Logistics Health Check will provide 3 clear benefits to your business:

  1. A review of your current logistics strategy and the opportunity to discuss your biggest challenges with an experienced supply chain professional.
  2. A bullet point guide to the improvements you can make across your business – helping you create a future plan.
  3. An in-depth look into one of the areas – a report on the most important topic you choose.
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