Execution Management

The Prophecy Execution module allows the user to view in real time how each route is tracking against the plan including departure times, customer arrival and departure times, delays at customers as well as arrival time back at the depot (if required).

Users are also able to see active tracking info including current position “dot on map” and breadcrumb trail showing the vehicle’s historical movements as well as vehicle exception data such as speeding or harsh braking exceptions. Deviation from plan caused by things such as late departure from depot, delay at previous customer or delay on route will trigger an exception that will be generated once the forward projected delivery time of the customer exceeds the planned delivery time by a certain defined amount. These can then be setup to auto SMS remaining customers on the route as to the new calculated delivery time.

  • Exceptions generated within the system are shown to the user so that action can be taken and attention focused around managing by exception.
  • On return to the depot a debrief report will be available to go through with the driver that includes the planned vs. actual time taken, planned vs. actual kilometres completed, drop sequence of customer stops and any high priority exceptions generated by the tracking system while on route.
  • There is also the option for auto email reports to be setup for generation on pre-defined triggers.


  • Real time location tracking of custodians visible to all stakeholders in a single system.
  • Historical location tracking information for review of incidents and activities.
  • Elimination of the need for custodians to manually indicate arrival or departure times via their cell phones.
  • Automation removes the need for (re)training of staff for manual monitoring of the routes.
  • Real time updated projection of remaining workload for the day leading to proactive engagement around managing of yet to be completed stops.
  • Eliminates error in capturing of odometer values used for calculating distance for reverse billing.
  • Through monitoring of the KPI’s continuous improvement can be realized through reduced overtime and KM.
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