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Unilever was looking for a partner with strong experience in the implementation of TMS systems and control towers. Transnova was selected to help build its African Transport Control Tower.

Business Situation

  • Unilever looking to build an African Transport Control Tower as it insources its transportation management.
  • Control Tower will operate from South Africa to manage logistics strategy and execution into Africa.
  • Aim is to build regional capability for transport planning combined with local/in country execution. Strategic objective - to build more loads while travelling less and provide customers with a consistent world class service.
  • The Transport Control Tower will support the planning and execution of the new routes to market into Africa defined to increase product range and availability in countries.

Transnova's Role

  • The development of an Africa Transport Control Tower encompassing:
    • Inbound, Local and Outbound
    • Freight Forwarding & Clearing
  • Provide Unilever with buying scale and professional transport management.
  • Consolidation of the supplier base.
  • Provide expertise on cross border logistics in highly complex African environment.
  • Develop a controlled route to market.
  • Design efficient logistic solutions that will enable a competitive landed costs in countries.

Client Impact

  • Through the implementation of the TMS and Control Tower Unilever was able to improve utilisation (load more) while travelling less (CO2 reduction and cost benefits).
  • We were able to consolidate the supplier base and leverage procurement scale to secure top tier market related transport rates for Unilever.
  • The Africa Transport Control Tower has provided Unilever with an improved transportation management service thanks to its ability to leverage regional capability and scale.
  • Reduced costs and improved customer service levels.
  • Absolute detail cannot be provided due to signed client confidentiality agreements.
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