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FNB was seeking a TMS solution that would provide visibility and control over billing and optimise routing & scheduling to reduce transport costs.

Business Situation

  • FNB facing high transport costs for ATM replenishment.
  • Routing and scheduling done manually.
  • Lack of visibility and control over billing from Cash In Transit (CIT) suppliers to ensure correct amounts are billed.
  • There was also a need to provide some visibility into the routing, scheduling and billing process for the CIT provider.

Transnova's Role

  • Analysis of FNB’s manual routing and scheduling processes.
  • Analysis of the billing process.
  • Implementing a TMS with the capabilities of reverse billing to ensure that FNB is billed the correct amounts.
  • Reduce total distance travelled by CIT vehicles by giving the CIT truck an optimised sequence to visit ATMs thus reducing overall transport costs.
  • TMS also has the ability to re-route in execution based on adhoc faults on ATMs that arise during the day.

Client Impact

  • Route optimisation to reduce kilometres travelled by the CIT vehicle.
  • Reverse billing functionality so that FNB gets billed the correct and accurate amount by the CIT providers.
  • Reducing reliance on manual planning by Field Controller.
  • Automation of the planning process for accountability and traceability.
  • Achieved savings of greater than 10% of running costs over time and reduced kilometres.
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