Transport Planner

Johannesburg, South Africa

We are looking for a customer focused and self-driven candidate with a passion for technology and transport to provide the best possible transportation planning and service delivery for clients.

As a Transport Planner your duties will include managing the distribution, including coordinating logistics between warehouse and destination, communicating schedules to drivers, liaising with customers, and managing loads and pick-ups.

The core functional areas of this role are system management, planning, capacity utilization, transport optimisation and cost management.

System Management

  • Check for unplanned orders.
  • Review queries received for shipments not created.
  • Monitor item master databases to ensure availability of data for the IP.


  • Receive orders from Order Manager Clerks. Check feasibility and determine best execution solution.
  • Ensure all orders received are visible in Freight builder.
  • Manage and enforce order cut off times.
  • Manage planning process taking the required items into consideration:
  • RFP Supplier Allocation
    • Combinations Orders.
    • Lead Times.
    • Customer Back Door Requirements.
    • Special Project Requirements (SMD).
  • Compile a draft plan for submission to warehouse operations.
  • Check orders on planner schedules that are outstanding (or unprocessed orders) and take action to complete.
  • Advise ROM and Execution team of shipments with no transporter allocated, ensure these shipments are resolved.
  • Execute the required changes to the plan; ensure change requests are on mail from warehouse operations.
  • Obtain sign off from warehouse operations and publish the IP plan.
  • Manage the tender accept process with the relevant carriers.
  • Provide feedback to transporters and senior planner regarding customer delivery requirements, i.e. emergency orders.
  • Communicate estimated and / or late deliveries timeously to customers.
  • Compile report on orders processed (daily).
  • Check orders delivered with no feedback and follow up with transporters.
  • Address queries related to planning errors.
  • Resolve queries related to Master Data.
  • Schedule any orders identified by the unassigned report that have failed on integration.
  • Schedule and review orders in Freight Builder and finalise orphan orders and exceptions.
  • Notification received from systems administrator on failed orders or orders that were voided and re-plan order.
  • Update vehicle swops on TMS on the day it occurs – On site reps will advise planner of vehicle swop.

Capacity Utilization

  • Raise problem orders with execution agents and system administrator for resolution if trucks are delayed. (daily)
  • Complete daily dashboard and isolate un-economical shipments for review.
  • Provide full list of planning functions as per your relevant area of responsibility, this item to be used to determine capacity per planner at the end of each quarter.
  • Manage and report any additional requests received over and above the normal items, these requests to be reviewed and obtain sign off from Operations manager.
  • Analyse shipments.

Transport Optimizing and Cost Management

  • Ensure zero outstanding loads on web pages.
  • Complete and submit rate request forms to commercial and system administrator for rate to be loaded, and ensure that the system and rate form match.
  • Ensure adherence to RFP selected carriers.
  • Review shipment utilization before final submission of the plan, review all possibilities to combine or divert shipments via the most cost-effective delivery methods.
  • Rate review to be completed on the previous day plan, identify possible anomalies.
  • Ensure special project targets are achieved. (2nd trip planning, return trip planning etc.)

Formal Qualifications

Minimum Requirements

  • Tertiary qualification in Logistics / SCM.


Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum 1-year experience in FMCG environment and transportation.
  • Computer literate, spreadsheet management (MS excel, word, access).
  • Teamwork & collaboration.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Resilience.
  • Time management.
  • Embrace uncertainty and change.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Attention to detail & accurate.
  • Problem solving.
  • Customer focus.
  • Analytical (ability to transform data into meaningful information).
  • Accountable.

Desired, Non-Essential Experience

  • Knowledge of transportation/ warehouse management systems.
  • Business knowledge (understanding of SLA’s, KPI’s & SOP’s).
  • Understanding of the logistics industry.
  • Familiarity with transportation regulations.

About Transnova

Transnova is an independent logistics advisory, technology and managed services firm established in 2012 with staff of over 100 supply chain professionals. Our main area of expertise lies in the design, implementation, operations and / or transfer of 4PL solutions or Logistics Control Towers.

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