Leverage the power of the world’s leading collaborative transportation network

Just imagine... what if you could instantly access a transportation community to help manage your freight? What if you could seamlessly connect and collaborate with other transportation professionals? What if you had unprecedented visibility into a wider transportation network? And what if you had a partner with a complete range of expertise to improve your transportation process? The opportunities are endless when you join the Transnova Collaborative Transportation Network.

7000 Carrier Partners 100+ Years Transportation Management Experience 63 000+ Unique Users R70+ Billion Rand Total Annual Transportation Spend 8 Million Loads 14.6 Million Shipments
  • The Transnova
    Transportation Network

    The Transnova Transportation Network is one of the largest transportation networks in the industry, creating unmatched opportunities for collaborative reduction or elimination of empty miles with network-wide visibility into available capacity for matching supply and demand.

    The Transnova Transportation Network empowers shippers, carriers and other participating members to reduce costs, improve services and gain complete visibility. The platform is unique in that it focuses on managing the entire transport process (as opposed to specific elements) and it does this entirely on a hosted basis (i.e. one global solution that is accessed through the internet avoiding the need for expensive on-site IT and expertise). More importantly, the solution is offered on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis, known in the IT industry as SaaS (Software as a Service) – avoiding the need for significant upfront CAPEX investment.

  • How LeanTMS Works


    Improve your purchasing process

    • Solicit and contract carrier capacity within LeanTMS
    • Source new carrier capacity or re-examine existing contracts
    • Benchmark rates and increases against current industry wide rates


    Optimise your daily transportation plans

    • Complete capabilities that allow you to optimise your daily transportation plans
    • Optimisation includes:
      • Consolidation -- order aggregation (both inbound and outbound)
      • Mode and carrier selection (to maximise service and minimise cost)
      • Shipment routing and scheduling
    • Accurate audit-quality rates produced by the planning process are conveyed to the carrier on tendering and passed through to the self-billing settlement process
    • Continuous Move Management (CMM) module to connect loads and utilise truckload capacity
    • CMM holistically leverages volumes across network entities to create operational efficiencies


    New levels of automation

    • Approve the plan and set appointments on planning cycle completion
    • LeanTMS takes over the workflow, offering the confirmed loads to your carriers
    • Each load can contain a multi-level Route Guide listing carriers in order of preference (ranked by Cost or Service)
    • Private Transportation Marketplace may be an alternative
    • Employs both web-based and EDI tendering technologies (carriers preference)
    • Failure to respond within set time or carrier rejection withdraws the offer and re-tenders load to next most appropriate carrier
    • Automates and streamlines tactical transportation operations and ensures that loads are covered


    Electronic billing and paperless invoicing

    • WebSettle provides complete freight payment capabilities -- pay the correct amount first time
    • Reduces administrative expenses by adopting carrier “self billing”
    • This recognised best practice is when the carrier accepts the rate for the tendered shipment, eliminating the need for an audit after the fact
    • Carrier is paid this amount automatically when the load closes (on delivery confirmation or other key event)
    • Allowance for the additional charges through rate requests via the web


    Event monitoring for your supply chain

    • Extends to all users of LeanTMS and can include email notifications to interested parties that are not LeanTMS users
    • LeanAdvisor rules-driven alert mechanisms disseminates information using criteria you define:
      • Customer service, sales & buyers
      • Transportation and warehousing operations,
      • Carriers, suppliers and customers
    • Supply Chain Monitor provides the ability to follow critical supply chain activities by planning and monitoring actual events, performance-to-plan and highlighting exceptions by:
      • Collecting order and shipment status information from all trading partners
      • Evaluating each new transaction and identifying key business events
      • Communicating key business events for timely decision-making

    Business Intelligence

    For continuous improvement

    • LeanTMS allows you to data-mine shipment history for decision-making and continuous improvement
    • Unlimited number of reports from multiple information sources integrated into a common database
    • Management reports to analyse and review financial performance, volumes and trends for continuous improvement
    • Network reports provide a holistic view of network trends and performance
      • Volume and lane analysis
      • Complimentary network analysis (between companies)
      • Network-wide carrier performance
    • Operational reports for day-to-day management
      • Schedules and notifications for daily operations and trading partners
  • Is this technology right for us?

    If you answer yes to any of the below criteria then LeanTMS can help your organisation take its transport management to the next level.

    • We currently have no TMS technology in place or our existing system is over 5 years old
    • We spend in excess of R40 million per annum on transport
    • We have no visibility into our transport network or metrics to monitor performance
    • We currently use prepaid freight and want to control inbound freight more
    • We still use manual payment systems
    • We suffer from load planning constraints


Transnova has partnered with world class organisations who are specialists in their specific supply chain disciplines:

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) is a consulting and solutions development firm specialising in supply chain design and analytics solutions. BMA helps organisations compete and win by giving them the tools to visualise, analyse and optimise their key decisions.

  • Supply Chain Guru
  • Transportation Guru
  • Supply Chain Sherpa
  • Enterprise Optimizer
  • Auto Box Demand Planner
  • Integration Platform
Transportation Management Platform

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of transportation management system (TMS) applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry’s largest transportation network. The LeanLogistics Transportation Network empowers shippers, carriers and other participating members to reduce costs, improve services and gain complete visibility.

  • LeanTMS
  • LeanGlobal
  • LeanSource
  • LeanDex
  • LeanAppoint
  • LeanFleet
  • GreenLanes

Our Partnership with LeanLogistics

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of transportation management system (TMS) applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry’s largest transportation network. LeanLogistics was founded in 1999 by experienced logistics and transportation veterans with a shared vision of leveraging web-based technologies to optimise supply chain processes.

LeanLogistics consistently ranks among top logistics solution providers and continues to win numerous awards for customer service. In the last two years LeanLogistics has expanded globally, establishing offices in Europe and Australasia. For the African continent LeanLogistics’ strategy was to partner with a local team that was familiar with the challenges of managing transport in Africa, and hence Transnova.

  • LeanTMS delivers complete transportation planning, execution, settlement and procurement, as well as visibility and business intelligence, to improve transportation processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. LeanTMS enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes while gaining efficiencies to improve service offerings. Furthermore, the global capabilities of LeanTMS ensure compliance by providing complete supply chain visibility and access to industry data to meet multi-regional regulations
    and guidelines.

  • LeanGlobal, a tightly integrated module available within LeanTMS, provides a comprehensive solution for managing multi-leg, multi-modal, domestic and cross-border freight. LeanGlobal bridges the technology gap for multi-divisional enterprises, enabling global logistics management on a centralised platform that delivers significant value. By automating both import and export processes, companies are able to flow goods unimpeded across international borders in the most efficient and compliant
    way possible.

  • LeanSource transportation procurement technology provides the ability to source carriers and other transportation providers quickly and easily, even without a transportation management system. LeanSource allows companies to solicit and optimise carrier bids as well as award freight rates and capacity in an automated, streamlined and repeatable manner while eliminating 80% of those activities typically experienced through manual processes.

  • The LeanDex Transportation Index is an aggregation of transportation market transactions. Unlike other transportation industry indices, LeanDex tracks actual, executed freight costs throughout the LeanLogistics Transportation Network. Millions of transportation transactions annually take place in the LeanLogistics Transportation Network which is aggregated and analysed to develop lane-based transportation benchmarks that provide visibility into market trends and benchmark rates.

  • LeanAppoint scheduling solution is a carrier-friendly, easy way of organising a company’s transportation schedules. With LeanAppoint companies no longer have to rely on spreadsheets or written calendars to manage the transportation schedule. Everything is visible and manageable through an intuitive, online program created to provide greater insight into both carrier and company performance.

  • LeanFleet is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for the management of dedicated and private fleets. With LeanFleet, companies optimise transportation processes by automatically analysing numerous transportation variables and constraints to determine the best utilisation of their assets. This innovative vehicle fleet management software quickly automates even the most complex logistics scenarios while providing drill-down visibility into street-level routing as well as automatic route consolidation functionality.

  • GreenLanes Freight Optimisation is an engineered network of shippers and carriers that facilitates the continuous movement of freight, reducing empty miles and cost. Members benefit from guaranteed capacity, premium service levels, and the opportunity for cost savings.

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  • Transnova for Total
    Transportation Optimisation

    Transnova customers enjoy the quickest and most comprehensive benefits. Our unparalleled network enables complete management of your transportation enterprise. From functionality to infrastructure to ease of integration, no other system can be implemented as quickly and used as easily and effectively. And as the Transnova network expands so does the opportunity for higher levels of success in customer service and collaboration.

    Leverage the collaborative power of the Transnova network

    • Benchmark current transport rates
    • Intelligently negotiate new rates
    • Ensure you’re consistently getting these rates on the volumes and service levels agreed
    • Build loads for optimal use of existing transport capacity
    • Seamlessly access the spot transportation market for any capacity shortfalls
    • Settle every freight payment one time, first time, correctly
    • Monitor the entire process both actively and passively (through alerts)
    • Reduce transportation spend and your carbon footprint
    • Benefit from best transportation practices applied to your business
  • What You Can See, You Can Manage

    Visibility to your entire supply chain in real-time creates operational intelligence both tactically, as well as, strategically. LeanTMS functionality alerts you and your trading partners to any exceptions. Support world class purchasing and customer service, while establishing performance metrics for suppliers and carriers, then monitoring compliance. Additionally, greater visibility allows companies to reduce leadtimes and safety stock levels.

    Fill Backhauls and Empty Miles

    Leverage the collaborative power of our LeanTMS. Every day, our network is filled with opportunities to engage with the nation’s leading shippers and carriers. Fill your backhauls and empty miles, or market the excess capacity of your private/dedicated fleet … all in our Private Transportation Marketplace.

    Reduce Your Transportation Spend

    Buy intelligently. Our Carrier Procurement Service can significantly improve your transportation spend and reduce freight costs. Streamlining planning-through-payment, we leverage our extensive network to benchmark rates and performance against known lane and volume costs. With this information, you’ll know which carriers are best profiled for your requirements. Plus, you’ll be in a stronger negotiating position for RFP’s as well as spot buys.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    By optimising shipments and collaborating on lanes, we reduce the energy used to move freight. Our GreenLanes™ Service can help you reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint by eliminating empty miles. The ability to ship more products with fewer trucks is at the heart of our strategic offering.

    Standardise your Processes

    All stakeholders in the Transnova network work within standards-based processes that represent industry best practices. The benefits are numerous: lowest cost per transaction, uniformity of data and reporting, scalability, greater flexibility in re-assigning resources, greater clarity in benchmarking costs and performance, and a clear path in continuous improvement.

    Implement Cultural Change

    Our thought leadership, best practices and lean philosophy can help you transform your logistics team, with all processes connected and non-value activities eliminated or outsourced. Working with our LeanTMS drives change and brings continuous improvement to your organisation with every transaction.

  • Benefits of True SAAS TMS Technology

    Start quickly; connect to a whole new world. The Transnova platform offers fast, seamless implementation across your entire enterprise and eliminates the need for hardware upgrades, software updates, and multiple licenses. That means faster ROI and speed to market.

    Today’s Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are available on different software platforms, from on premise (installed) to hosted to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The growing preference of industry experts is toward true SaaS, a multi-tenant architecture in which all users operate from a single instance of software. Centralising transportation activities with a SaaS based TMS provides the ability to connect members of your organisation, carriers, customers and trading partners in a collaborative community or network. A true SaaS TMS enables multiple parties to leverage technologies through a common platform. This centrally located software instance is highly secure and offers significant benefits over on-premise software or hosted systems. Understanding all of the benefits of a true SaaS platform is key to making the best TMS decision.

  • How SaaS is different

    Cost Structure

    • Faster implementation allows for quicker ROI and a self-funded tool
    • Implementation of LeanTMS is ~10-12 weeks; typical payback within 6-9 months


    • Enables multiple parties to leverage technologies through a common platform
    • Community environment of LeanTMS enables users to collaborate

    Scalability, Flexibility and Efficiency

    • Scale infrastructure and quickly adapt technology based on changing business needs
    • LeanTMS centralises control to manage the entire transportation process


    • Primary benchmark for supply chain technology
    • LeanTMS provides visibility across the entire Transnova Transportation Network

Who We Are

Transnova is a new company founded by a team of Supply Chain professionals with over 100 years combined experience in the South African logistics and supply chain industry, having occupied executive positions at organisations such as Accenture, Barloworld Logistics, Super Group and Unitrans. Our team has partnered with one of the fastest growing global innovators in Transportation to bring a unique service offering to both South Africa and the African continent. The global innovator, LeanLogistics, is a US-based technology firm that has been delivering solutions in transportation for over a decade.

Our Approach

Our approach is unique and different. At Transnova, we blend capabilities in consulting, technology, commercial structuring, technical diagnosis, and operational logistics management to develop solutions that help clients:

  • Significantly reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Improve service levels and performance within logistics
  • Dramatically increase visibility and control
  • Identify value through innovative approaches in logistics analytics and benchmarking
  • Reduce the barriers to entry for independent black owner operators by involving them in the Transnova community, thus enabling clients to sustainably increase their transport spend for B-BBEE purposes
  • Enable new levels of collaboration for clients in their logistics operations

Why Partner with Transnova?

Our vision is simple: to revolutionise African logistics and elevate it from global pariah to global leader. We can achieve this because:

  • We are an independent and objective company, not aligned to any logistics service provider – our only focus is to drive benefits for our clients.
  • Our team of senior-level transportation industry professionals understand the inefficiencies inherent in logistics companies and their processes and we have a proven methodology to change, improve and optimise these processes for our clients.
  • We have unique, globally recognised technology that enables clients to realise new levels of collaboration and transport efficiencies.